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It’s not a sprint, but a marathon. Preparing for a disaster is best viewed as a process rather than a quick one-and-done. It takes time, energy and resources to do the things experts tell us we should do to adequately prepare for a major natural disaster. 

This is not to say, however, that it cannot be done, because it can! The secret, like so many things in life, is to break it down into manageable — and realistic — component parts.

I say reasonable because, if, for example, you are a renter, you really have no say over the structural integrity of the building in which you live. Yet there are things you should know and ways you can plan and prepare that are doable: these are the manageable things.

Often it just takes a helping hand from someone who has gone before. That’s where Quake Readiness LLC steps in.


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Sarah Jones

M.A. (and Founder of Quake Readiness LLC)

After spending a number of years in the field of communications and design, Sarah felt she needed a fresh vocation. After a period of discernment with a professional career coach, she realized that she really wanted to help people overcome their anxieties and other obstacles to preparing for the natural disaster to which the Bay Area is most susceptible: earthquakes.

Yes, the price of living in the glorious Bay Area is its potential for earthquakes. The ground beneath us is quite literally moving ALL the time, although we rarely notice it. And in the Bay Area, particularly on the Hayward Fault, we are years overdue for a very big quake. And with the severe shaking there are a number of attendant risks: liquefaction, flooding, tsunamis and fires.

While studying the disaster preparedness sector, Sarah realized that while lists and retailers abound for determined, self-driven folks, there were few to no services in existence that actually help people wade through it all and get their preparations done.

She decided to step into the gap and founded Quake Readiness LLC — and the rest, as they say, is history.


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“…offering useful, knowledgeable, practical advice…”

Now Is the Time

Preparing Will Afford You Peace of Mind

Perhaps you have made some preparations: stored some water, or chosen a communications liaison from outside the area, or stored some canned goods. But you did not finish….

Or maybe you are new to the area and know you should probably do something, but you aren’t sure exactly what.

Or perhaps you feel fairly well prepared, and want to know what you may be missing.

It would be our pleasure to address your specific and unique situation and help you to become quake ready.

Call today for an estimate. Several service levels are available to suit every budget.


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