Something for everyone

Available Services

  • On-site walkthroughs with observations and recommendations, including —
    • Where to shelter in each room
    • What needs to be secured and how to do it
    • How and when to shut off gas, water and electricity
    • — and more
  • Customized, written report and recommendations
  • Video sweep of the property for insurance documentation
  • Assistance in finding mitigation specialists, structural and geotechnical engineers, retrofitting contractors and earthquake insurance providers
  • Presentations to schools, companies, neighborhood and business associations, faith communities and other groups
  • Full-service turnkey supply procurement and setup
  • — and much more

Custom-Tailored Solutions

  • Attending to your particular concerns and needs
  • Addressing site-specific issues of hazard mitigation
  • Planning for sheltering in place
  • Considering shelter sites and evacuation routes
  • Applying best practices in disaster preparedness
  • Advising when professionals should be called in


  • Established householders
  • New homeowners
  • Renters
  • Rental property managers and realtors
  • New residents of the Bay Area / earthquake country
  • Senior, mobility-impaired and other special-needs clients
  • Small businesses and corporate clients
  • Clients with storage space limitations
  • Churches, synagogues and other houses of worship
  • Schools and retreat centers
  • Non-profits