What Our Clients Have to Say

“Before our Quake Readiness LLC consultation, I was honestly intimidated by earthquake preparation and, therefore, avoided it. My experience with Quake Readiness has completely transformed my outlook on earthquake and emergency preparedness for the better. I learned that what once seemed like an overwhelming and expensive process is actually a simple, clear set of steps rooted in common sense that anyone can take to be confident in the face of the unexpected.”

EMILY | Orinda

“Quake Readiness LLC provided my wife and I with a consultation at our home that was detailed and thorough, offering useful, knowledgeable, practical advice on how to further quakeproof our home. Highly recommended.”

LLOYD | Oakland

“Like many Bay Area two-parent working families, we knew we needed to get ready for the Big One, but had no time and no particular expertise in disaster readiness. Sarah provided everything we needed to get our home and family ready. Now I have peace of mind!”

JENNIFER | San Carlos

“[The contractor you recommended] came and secured the cabinets and other hazards in the house. I will do water barrels this weekend, or at least, get them cleaned out and filled. Will look for bracing for them next week. Have been reading Peace of Mind in Earthquake Country. What a fantastic book!Thanks for your consultation. It got the ball rolling….”

VICTORIA | Oakland

“Your consult was very helpful and I’m starting to put some things in place. I shared a number of your recommendations with my family and we have a meeting place set.”

ARINNA | Berkeley